Holiday Survival- Get Your Skin LBD-Ready with Priori and St Tropez

With so many amazing cocktail numbers making the rounds during the holidays, who wouldn’t want to look their absolute best? In the spirit of showing a little bit of skin (a la little black dress), here are some products and tips that will have you rocking that fabulous strapless dress with nothing but confidence.

Priori Invigorating Face and Body Scrub

 The first step towards making your skin look toned and fabulous is exfoliating your body to get rid of buildup, skin clogging residue, dead skin cells, and other no goodniks. Towards that end, one product that helps you achieve that is the Priori Invigorating Face and Body Scrub. Pulling double duty, this invigorating scrub cleanses the skin while gently exoliating. By opening up the pores, it also allows for moisturizers applied post exfoliation to absorb more effectively. It is great for paving the way for other great-skin making products.


Priori Slimming Body Complex

Nothing can create a greater damper on confidence than Breakstones-grade, cottage cheese looking cellulite. Not only an affliction of those with a little more to love, cellulite can appear anywhere, making us all feel self conscious. To the rescue is the Slimming Body Complex, from Priori’s Coffeeberry line. Formulated with the potent antioxidant enriched Coffeeberry extract, this lotion reduces the appearance of cellulite while softening the skin. Having been applying this twice a day on myself for some time now, I can vouch for this lotion’s efficacy, as I have definitely noticed a reduction in my own cellulite, especially on my thighs. Impressive? You betcha!


Step three towards looking all fabulous this season is in the bronze, self bronzing that is. Doing wonders for confidence while providing a beautiful, healthy glow, body bronzers are absolutely indispensable anytime you know you will be showing some skin. More than just faux glow-ers, I call them confidence in bottle form. St Tropez is a line that is well known for its fabulous self-tan products, but I bet you didn’t know that they offer up so much more.

Now I hate to be a tease, but I absolutely have to introduce you to the joys of the quick-fix bronze via St Tropez’s soon-to-be-released Wash Off Line, slated to hit shelves March of 2010.

Made up mostly of three products (and some fun extras), the Wash Off line is designed to give you self-tan instant gratification and the bronze you crave, without the anxiety or semi-long-term commitment of the typical self tan.
With Instant Glow Mousse, Body Lotion, and Face Lotion, you get a soft golden glow that dries quickly and stays on until you wash it off. Having tested these, I can honestly say that these products are divine, and that I am absolutely in love with the results. My previous experiences with similar products left me frustrated with their inability to blend smoothly into my skin, but that is not the case with the Wash Off products. These blend smoothly and evenly into my skin, imparting an immediate, softly bronzed glow that looks completely natural on my paler-than milk complextion.

Some swatches: Top to bottom: mousse, face glow, body glow

Good old before and after: faux flow body lotion on top hand, none on the bottom. See how natural it is?

Also available will be tan detox, a nourishing oil that soothes the senses with the scent of lavender, even as it softens skin and erases any self tan mishaps you might have had.

That my friends is my recipe for getting myself little black dress ready this holiday season. Not only do these products do wonders for your skin, but they are pretty much guaranteed to make you strut your stuff with confidence.
You can find Priori products online right now at Studio Beauty Mix. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit for your faux glow fix, as the St Tropez Wash Off line will be available in March of 2010 on the St Tropez website. Make no mistake though, you will want to mark your calendars for that one. These products are not to be missed.

*Products in this post were provided as samples by PR for post consideration. I was fortunate enough to also attend an event with St Tropez to preview the amazing Wash Off Line. 

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