Holiday Survival- Dermalogica Microzone for Your Skincare Quick Fix

If there was one word to describe my current state it would be frazzled. The holidays are in full swing, this we know already. Unfortunately, what you might not know is that life has dealt me a swift kick in the rear end, and I find myself dealing with several very upsetting things all at once. As a result of said stress, I am left with a forehead full of bumps, and skin that has at the very least gone semi-insane. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to remedy the situation with a visit to Dermalogica in Soho for a press event. Known for their natural products, and educational approach to skin health, Dermalogica Soho offers up a haven for exceptional skincare quick fixes known as Microzone Treatments, that are designed to cater to the busy gal (or guy) who doesn’t have the time (or money) for a full out skincare experience. Believe me when I say that I came to find that these twenty minute targeted treatments are the answer to my (and your) skincare prayers.

Immediately upon arriving I was impressed with the spacious, clean, and altogether modern space. I was set up with a technician- Sarah, who drew me in with her warm personality, vast mental database of knowledge, and down-to-earth professionalism. First and foremost, I filled out a questionnaire detailing my skincare experience. That out of the way, Sarah asked me a few more specific questions so that she could determine which treatment might be right for me. After being set up in the microzone station, I was ready to begin my20 minute journey into my very own skin enlightenment.


The process started with a face mapping analysis, a Dermalogica signature diagnostic tool. To give you an idea, here is what mine looked like:

Since our skin changes every single day, skin mapping is an important first step to take in order to determine which treatment is best for each individual. After analyzing my face, Sarah confirmed that my t-zone did in fact have some buildup, resulting in those oh so troubling bumps on my forehead and some not so savory little blackheads around my nose. On the face map above, different letters mark the troubled spots.

With my analysis done, Sarah determined that cleansing and enzymatic exfoliation is just what the dermatologist ordered. She explained that she would start off with gentle cleansers, followed by their signature exfoliant. After that it would be a gentle face peel, and a few minutes under a face steamer to open up the pores. The last step in the process would be a medium weight moisturizer to give the skin the nutrients it craves. The ultimate goal of my treatment was to gently purge skin cell buildup, infuse the skin with natural radiance, and get rid of unsavory textures.

As Sarah gently applied the ingredients with soft hands and a fan brush, I couldn’t help but relax under her ministrations. She walked me through every single step in the process, while enthusiastically answering all of my questions and making recommendations. The twenty minutes flew by in a flash, and at the end of the session I was beyond thrilled to look in the mirror and see a smoother, more radiant complexion. Needless to say, the microzone treatment as applied by Sarah answered my skin’s s.o.s call.

Another thing to consider the Microzone treatments are as affordable as they are quick. You get the full twenty minute experience for only $35, a veritable steal as far as skincare and treatments are concerned. I really cannot recommend this service enough. Whether you are as frazzled as I am and in need of some serious skincare, or just looking for an affordable way to ease yourself into the world of professional skin consultations, Dermalogica in Soho is 100% the way to go.

For a list of products and other services available at Dermalogica, stroll on over to the website and have a look. Your schedule, body, and most importantly, your skin will thank you.

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