Holiday Survival- De-Pale Yourself, and Sparkle and Shine this Holiday Season with St Tropez

“You make me feel like dancin’
Down on the Riviera
There’s a town called Saint Tropez
Where a girl like you’s a Pachanguera”

– Ricky Martin “Saint Tropez”

Latin lover extraordinaire Ricky Martin croons about a place called St Tropez that is clearly where its at, and who can really doubt him? Gorgeous beaches, exotic scenery, and beautifully bronzed people are a part of life. Here in NYC, its skyscrapers, yellow slush, and pale people as far as the eye can see. Sure, we can’t all live in paradise, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a taste of it with a splash of bronze against an otherwise pale backside… err backdrop. I introduced you all to the wonders of St Tropez’s newest quick fix, the Wash Off Line, now lets stroll down a similar (but slightly different) venue. This holiday season, why not rock a defined, bronzed visage to go with that fabulously bronzed body of yours? I have recently discovered bronzing nirvana in the form of St Tropez‘s cosmetic line.

St Tropez has an amazing self tanning line out already, but the real news is their equally amazing cosmetics line, designed to offer up bronzing quick fixes and enhancers that make you look natural, radiant, and flawlessly gorgeous. I was recently turned on to the line, and I haven’t looked back since. I am embracing my outer (and inner) Parisian bronzed goddess a la St Tropez.

First up in the arsenal is the Radiance Mousse, designed to impart a gentle glow to the broad planes of the face and décolleté. Wonderfully airy, and just a tad sparkly, my skin is loving this quick bronze foamy fix. This mousse is more satisfying than a can of reddi-whip, and without the calories too. 😉


Swatched, unblended

Blended into the skin
The second participant in this bronzed-out love triangle, the St Tropez bronzing powder hits all the right notes.
After finishing my beloved Chanel bronzer, I found myself looking for something new and exciting to replace it. Oftentimes, bronzers are too heavy, and way too orange. Scary stuff, bronzer can be, as it can quickly leave me resembling Carrot Top’s curly mop. That is so not the case with St Tropez’s Bronzing Powder, as it has already become my Holy Grail bronzer. With just a hint of sparkle and nary a hint of orange, this powder imparts the most stunning shade of tan on my pale skin. The powder is superfine, and applies absolutely beautifully to my temples, jawline, forehead, and cheekbones.

Quick bronzing tip: apply bronzer in a “three” shape on the face for the most natural finish.
This is what I mean, and keep in mind my photoshop skills are less than stellar, k? 😉

Anywho, swatched: 
And in action, with a full face of makeup:
Perhaps the most bling-tastic item of the line, the Bronzing Rocks are hotter than those Tiffanys rocks, and not as expensive.
Bronzer in condensed cluster form, these bronzing pebbles have loads of shimmer, shine, and soft bronzed color. For some extra sparkle, dip your powder brush into the jar and pick up enough to buff into your cheeks. These pebbles also make a wonderful eyeshadow (the pebbles really get into your crease), or even as a bronzey lipcolor. These rocks are mult-talented.
And adorable too!
You can find the full St Tropez cosmetic line on the website right now. Definitely have a look-see, as these products rock my pale socks, and I know that you will love them too.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Survival- De-Pale Yourself, and Sparkle and Shine this Holiday Season with St Tropez

  • May 7, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Thanks so much for doing what you did , i have been looking for a review on the bronzing rocks and what colour they give when applied to the skin , so thanks again .

  • May 8, 2010 at 5:43 am

    Anonymous, you are so very welcome! I am all about showing you how the products look in action. 🙂

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