Holiday Survival- Combat Wrinkles with M Lab Anti Aging Serum

In 1513, explorer Juan Ponce de Leon set out to search for the fountain of youth. While he didn’t find it in Florida, I do think I have found it here in the form of M Lab‘s Anti Aging Serum. Packed with the most potent, effective ingredients around, this serum is designed to kick wrinkles to the curb. It doesn’t eliminate the stress of the season, but this serum will definitely ensure you don’t show the signs of that stress, or your age.

I could go on and on about the science behind the amazing formula, and all of its active ingredients, but the website does that so beautifully already. I really appreciate when a skincare brand takes the time to not only explain how its products work, but also includes a detailed list of all of the ingredients, and the roles they play in boosting a product’s effectiveness. It is all right there on the label.

As with any anti-aging treatments I use, I do want to start off by saying that I am 24 years old, so I might not have the same advanced signs of aging as someone who is a bit older. That said, I do have my share of wrinkles, and I found that regular (nightly) use of this serum in conjunction with my regular cleanser and moisturizer (not anti-aging) has seen an improvement in both my skin’s tone, and my skin’s texture. My specific issues are with the small wrinkles on my forehead, frown lines in between my brows, and laugh lines near my mouth, and I found that the appearance of said lines practically disappeared after several weeks of use.

It is never too early to start on an anti-aging regimen to combat the signs of aging, and I am happy to report that I will continue to use this product because it works. It is pricey, but it is my firm belief that in skincare you get what you pay for. M Lab represents a superior line of skincare, and the proof is in the results.

The MLAB Anti Aging Treatment Serum is a featured product, available both online and at Plaza Beauty by Warren Tricomi. A must for proper skincare, this serum probably would have made old Juan jealous.

*A sample of this product was provided by PR for post consideration. Being that this is skincare, keep in mind that individual results may vary. Also, rest assured that the opinions expressed within this post are 100% honest. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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