Holiday Survival- Bright Smiles

Krasey has a dazzling smile
Her teeth are white as snow
And everywhere that Krasey went
The boys were sure to follow

I can say with confidence that nothing is more beautiful than a bright smile, and that isn’t something we can all take for granted. On that note, nothing is more embarrassing than a less than brilliant smile and unkosher breath during those wonderful holiday parties that we keep on talking about. With so many dental hygiene options out there, I feel like I have tried products from every category and at every price point. Admittedly, I can be a bit biased in my tendency to gravitate towards products on the higher end, but in this case my winning combination is conveniently available at only ol’ drugstore.

The Teeth Trifecta

The first step to a holiday ready smile is naturally to get your teeth a few shades whiter, preferably on the quick. The Rembrandt Two Hour Whitening is an affordable option that involves whitening gel and two hours (broken up into intervals) with a whitening tray. Designed to be a milder version of a dentist’s office whitening job, this Two Hour gets teeth 2-3 shades whiter in the process. The only caveat I have is that if you have sensitive teeth, you might want to steer clear of whitening products such as these altogether. Using instant whitening products tend to increase tooth sensitivity, and might even cause pain. That being said, this kit is worth a go if you aren’t the sensitive type, as it does work.

With a quick white fix comes the need to keep your pearly whites looking, well, pearly. I have used many different toothpastes that claim whitening benefits but don’t deliver the results I want. Not the case with Rembrandt Intense Stain toothpaste, which freshens breath and keeps my whites white. I am normally a fan of gels, but this minty cream paste that has served me better than any gel I have tried. Bonus being that the dose of fluoride insures that my teeth stay healthy.

Now that we have the whitening portion covered, lets now move on to remdying one of the ultimate social faux pas, dragon breath.

Listerine Pocket Packs are a tried-and-true favorite of mine for providing an intense surge of minty goodness that lasts about fifteen minutes. These thin film sheets are strong, but they definitely get the job done better than any pansy mints can. They also have the bonus of killing some of those extra nasty germs lying around in your oral cavity. My personal tip: don’t try to double or triple up on these things, they are fairly strong and can definitely put hair on your chest.

Colgate Wisp

A newcomer to the scene, The Colgate Wisp is a clever little tool that allows you to ‘brush’ away bad breath and stains no matter where you are. Each individual unit has a built in freshening bead in the center of its rubber bristled pseudo brush head, designed to freshen your breath as it gets rid of gunk. The other side of the stick has a cleverly curved toothpick, designed to really get in tight spaces. Since discovering these, they haven’t left my bag, and I keep them in there for touch ups, freshen-ups, and spontaneous overnight-type situations.

All these products are conveniently available in drugstores, and do an amazing job of keeping my teeth in tip-top shape not only now, but all year round. Inquiring minds want to know, what do you use to keep your teeth looking pretty?

*Products in this post were provided as samples by PR for post consideration

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