Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Clarisonic Plus

Ever spend time trying to deep-cleanse your skin before going to bed, only to still feel kind of dirty afterward? For an effective, deep-down clean feeling, take a cue from this guy right here:

You’ve gotta push it into sonic mode with the Clarisonic Plus skincare system.

All kidding aside,everyone and their moms has heard of the Clarisonic Brush. Touted as the holy grail for proper cleansing (with good reason), this brush has been imitated more times that Elvis Presley.

The science behind it is very similar to that of a Sonicare toothbrush. The ultra-fast pulsations of the brush head brings all the gunk/product buildup trapped in your pores to the surface. When combined with the cleanser of your choice, your skin emerges clean, refreshed, and glowing. Using the brush also helps the absorption of any products you use afterward, since pores become clearer and more receptive.

I was skeptical as to whether this brush was worth the $225 price tag, but having used the Clarisonic for months, I can safely declare that the Clarisonic rocks the house when it comes to getting a deep down clean. I love that its waterproof, making it ideal for shower use and more convenient for me to use. I love that the brush has a timed cycle, and beeps to let me know it is time to move on to the next area of my face. I also love how versatile it is, in that I go from face cleansing tool to gentle body exfoliating tool with the push of a button and the change of a brush head. The Plus is very much a multitasker that cleanses skin from face to foot, further cementing its place in my arsenal. Bonus is that the gentle massaging action of the brush makes treating my skin a pleasure at the end of a very long day.

The Clarisonic is available in a travel size (the Mia), Classic (which has only one speed and is meant for facial use only), and of course, the Plus. The biggest benefits to the plus versus the original? That would have to be the variable 3 speed option, and interchangeable brush heads. If you need a travel option, Mia is Clarisonic Classic’s mini-me.

The Limited Edition Clarisonic Plus Designer Model makes a beautiful and useful gift to any beauty lover. Making this even more attractive, 50% of proceeds go towards the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. Not to mention the pink paisley is absolutely darling.

Yes, it is pricey, but the Clarisonic is an invaluable tool in the war on dirty skin. Whether you are making your own wishlist, or buying for others, The Clarisonic is a great option this holiday season. You can find them virtually anywhere, including the Clarisonic website and Sephora
*The Clarisonic Plus mentioned in this post was provided as a sample by PR for post consideration. That said, I had previously purchased a Clarisonic Classic for myself, with my own money. Unfortunately, my sister decided that she had to steal said Clarisonic Classic from me. 
This post contains a Sephora affiliate link.

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    The designer model looks great

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