Holiday Beauty- The Perfect Red Pout by Rouge d’Armani

Red lips are to the holiday season what smoky eyes are for a night out on the town. They just go together, period. That being said, there is a plethora of options that await you when searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick, whether it be cool, warm, neutral, berry, etc. For the love of crimson lips, allow me narrow down the choices for you in what I am sure will evolve into many red lipstick posts. In this post, I will spotlight Rouge d’Armani in 401, a warm orange/red made famous by Rihanna during Fashion’s Night Out 2009.

Rouge d’Armani is a brand new lipstick formula from the iconic brand, and features new, Color-fil technology. Without getting too technical, what that means is that you get smooth, rich color that bonds to your lips for 8 hours of wear. Everyone who has rocked red lips before knows that keeping the color in place is difficult, but Rouge d’Armani does that beautifully. Smooth, creamy, moisturizing, and deliciously bright, 401 is everything you could ever want in a red lipstick, and more.

This shiny black tube keeps shut with the aid of a magnet in the cap, keeping the tube closed in my jungle of a purse.
Just so you can see how gorgeous this is on, here it is swatched, on my hand, and then on my lips.
The formula is very glossy, ultra creamy, and super moisturizing. This lipstick just might be the perfect warm red, and would make an amazing edition to your holiday red lip arsenal.
401, along with all the other Rouge d’Armani lipsticks can be found at most high end department stores, and online on the Giorgio Armani Beauty website.

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