Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Slippers Done Right with Beech and FlexFlop

Do you remember as a kid those times when you would receive socks, underwear and slippers as your holiday gift? You would feign excitement (you wanted a pony, gosh darnit), and quietly accept your less than exciting (read: practical) present. Those times have long since past, but I am sure we still dread the practical gifts we are sure to both give and receive without fail, year after year. I am going to say that practical doesn’t have to be boring, and giving slippers as a gift can actually be a fun option. Here are two finds for the holidays from Beech and Flexflop.

Winter and the holiday season is the time to pull out items of the warm and fuzzy variety, so why not apply that philosophy to your flip flops as well? Beech is a company that creates the Yoga Sandal, a flip flop with individual toe separators designed to hug your foot, and keep proper alignment. These flip flops also happen to be perfect for pedicures, without the need for the annoying toe separators.

In honor of the holiday season, Beech has come out with the comfys line, in plushy materials and fun prints. They definitely up the cute factor of your typical slippers. They also happen to be super comfy.

You can find Beech slippers online at the Yoga Sandals Shop. I think they are pretty darned cool, and will definitely come in handy during those self-pedicure sessions this season.

Another gifting (or self-gifting) option is customizable flip flops via, Flex Flop. The Flex Flop online shop is the place to go for a plethora of travel-friendly flip flops in tons of color and design options.

Flex Flops come in their own matching zippered pouches, designed to be tossed into your handbag for emergency situations. With fun phrases and images, you have the ability to completely customize your flip flops. I think the Pink Terry ‘shopaholic’ slippers suit me to a t. 😉

The message here is that practical can be fun too. I am really digging these two slipper options for gifting this holiday season. What do you think?

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