Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Lola by Marc Jacobs

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…

The newest scent addition to the Marc Jacobs perfume family, Marc Jacobs Lola is a floral scent with hints of rose, geranium, and warm vanilla. The opening notes are crisp and slightly citrus, while the dry down is all musky floral. The bottle is a beautiful shade of deep purple, with an elaborate plastic flower adorning the gilded cap. This bottle looks as beautiful on your dresser as the fragrance smells on the skin. For me, this scent was love at first sniff. Fortunately, there is a new addition to the Lola family that is sure to make a wonderful gift as well.

Combining my love of chunky cocktail rings with this amazing scent, the Lola Solid Perfume Ring was love at first sight, too. It comes in the adorable little leather pouchette that you see above.
The top of this ring matches the gorgeous flower on top of the perfume’s bottle, and slides on a hinge to reveal the solid perfume within.

You can find Marc Jacobs Lola at Sephora, but the Lola Solid Perfume Ring is a Sephora Beauty insider exclusive. Lola really does make the perfect gift to share or receive, and I know that I will happily enjoy both the fragrance and the ring for a long, long time.

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