Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Celebrate the Holidays with Lippmann Collections ‘Celebrate’

There is another new nail polish brand that is absolutely, positively rocking my world of late. Gather round the proverbial campfire as I tell you a tale of fame (kinda), fortune (sorta), and the most bling-tastic chunky glitter polishes this beauty blogger’s eyes have ever seen. A fun contrast to the gorgeous ultra-glitters we have been seeing this season, Lippmann Collection’s ‘Celebrate’ Nail Lacquer Set has three shades of polish full of chunks of glittery, flecky goodness. This completely giftable set is delicious, divine, and a great heaping spoonful of awesome.

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The Shades:

Ruby Red Slippers: Dorothy called, and she wants her shoes back.

In all seriousness, this shade is the diva in the bunch. The black jelly base of the polish is amped up to the max with large flecks of stunning ruby red glitter flecks ranging from super fine glitter to large, hexagonal sequins.


Superstar: From a distance, Superstar looks like a regular bronze glitter. On closer inspection, you get the full hot effect of a dark brown jelly based loaded to the max with varying sizes of blingy bronze/copper glittery sequins.


Funky Chunky: I love the fun name of this black jelly base with large flecks of black sequin. I know that many were decrying the chunks of black sequin, but I am kind of digging it. While the application of this polish does involve a bit more of an effort, the ends justify the means. What I get is black patent shine with lots of unexpected texture. My nephew even commented that it looks kind of like fish scales.In a word, HOT.


I found in applying these polishes, especially those with the bigger chunks, that I had to approach application a bit differently. I got the best results applying two coats using the brushstroke method and then dabbing the third coat on for a grittier, more textured effect. With removal, I experienced the typical difficulty of taking off glitter polishes, but trust that these polishes made it worth the extra couple of minutes.

The Lippmann Collection Celebrate set as a whole is flat out stunning, and full of a whole lot of awesome. You can find it online on the Lippmann Collection website, and at Nordstrom. Be sure to snatch this kit up, as it is Limited Edition. If you are looking for a different kind of bling for your nails this holiday season, this kit is it.

*The polish kit featured in this post was sent as a sample by PR for post consideration.

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