No Ifs, Ands, or Boots: Sorel, Apepazza, and

Being that the cold, clammy hands of fall have descended upon the NYC streets, I figured that now would be a good time to introduce the newest editions to my fall and winter shoe wardrobe.

First up is Sorel, a line that has you covered and protected in even the most disgusting winter conditions. Its a fact that rain/snow boots are notoriously hideous, yet we don them anyway to prevent falling flat on our butts while facing precipitation of the cold, wet, and semi-solid variety. Fortunately, Sorel eliminated the ugly factor, and went for both form and function in their new line of footwear. The Sorel line of boots are excellent for navigating precipitation-laden streets,and look adorable with your winter wardrobe choices. I think you will all agree with me that these are a definite step up from the rubber-band ball smelling rubber monstrosities associated with the term ‘rain boot’.

My personal favorite, and the style I will be donning in that nasty, New York slush is the Joan of Arctic Snow Boot


Oh! Starting next week, you will be able to purchase Sorel boots directly from the site. Pretty convenient, if you ask me. 🙂

Right, so we have a style perfect for braving the elements. How about one for navigating the fashion critical streets of New York City? Hot this season are over the knee boots, heavy on the details. To indulge in the trend without looking overdone, a flat over the knee boot is the perfect choice for day and night. Allow me to introduce you to a stylish fall option, and the website I found it on.

Apepazza is an Italian shoe brand, known for its exceptional quality and on-trend designs. Being that over the knee boots have become the hottest thing since sliced bread, I knew the Cagliari boots would be perfect for this fall season. The detailed buckle, over the knee flap, and very manageable 1” heel make this comfy boot one of my new go-to’s to pair with leggings, jeans, and even skirts. I went with Zinc (light grey), just because I was craving something out of the ordinary. I am sure  you will see me sporting these in several of my outfit posts for fall and winter.


Apepazza boots and shoes are available on In case you are not familiar with it, MustHaveShoes is an online shoe boutique that lets you customize your selection by typing in what you are looking for, and pulling all footwear that matches to your specifications. To see what I mean, visit the site and have a go.

For fall, and winter, both Sorel and Apepazza via MustHaveShoes have you covered in both fashion and comfort. The Joan of Arctic and Cagliari boots are my picks for this fall and winter, what are yours?

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