Natural Skincare with Revolution Organics, Take 2

My first foray into the world of Revolution Organics Cosmetics had me embracing my natural side. With genuinely good for you ingredients, Revolution has taken the world of organic beauty by storm with their exceptional line of products designed to make you look and feel beautiful, naturally.

Free of dyes, fillers, and other harmful ingredients, the Revolution skincare line is a small collection of items that are multitasking, multipurpose, and altogether something special.

Revolution Organics All Over Skin Creme is a thick, super rich body creme designed to quench dry skin with an infusion of moisture. With over 15 organic ingredients which include aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, and organic green tea, the all over creme instantly smooths and repairs dry damaged skin with all natural ingredients. The creme is relatively thick, and extremely hydrating without being greasy. If I had to be picky, I did not like the earthy scent to the creme. I prefer for my creams to smell like baked goods, but thats just me.

Revolution Organics Lip Balm is a vitamin packed, all natural, super hydrating lip balm. It is the truly the cure for dry, battered lips.

Revolution Organics Body Balm is a multipurpose, moisturizing stick. It smells of lemony goodness, and holds the cure to most of your skincare woes.

Here are some great uses for the handy dandy little miracle worker:

1. Soothe the cuts I get while pushing paper at my oh so (not) glam job in finance.
2. Smooth out my cuticles between manicures, because gnarly isn’t pretty.
3. Tame hair flyaways, on those days it looks like I stuck my finger in a socket.
4. Soften rough elbows and knees, because dry skin isn’t pretty.
5. Moisturize my flapping lips, because I talk A LOT.
6. An aromatherapy tool, to sniff when my cubicle becomes unbearably oppressive.
7. Condition an itchy scalp, because constantly scratching your head isn’t cute.
8. Moisturize and prime face for makeup.
9. Soothe chafed skin.
10. Soothe the cuts I create when I rip my cuticle off with my teeth (yeah, you know you do it too).
11. Tame my unruly caterpillar brows.
12. Soothe the sting of a no-good mosquito bite.
13. Fix makeup mishaps (like smudged undereye liner).
14. Calm sunburned skin.
15. Moisturize and help heal chapped skin
16. Prevent cracks and cuts caused by dry skin

Revolution Organics has captured my heart, and I think that you will love it too. The full line is available on the Bigelow Chemist’s website, as well as the brand’s own website. Whether you are looking to go the organic route, or just looking to experience purer beauty, Revolution Organics is an excellent way to go.

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