Axe Review, Brought to you by Steven

*This review is brought to you by the guy you see in the photo above, my nephew Steven. 

When looking for a tester, (read, specimen) to try and to write about the new Axe products for men, I knew that I should look no further than to my 17 year old nephew, Steven (seen above). Steven is your typical high school junior, saving the world one track-meet at a time.

Anywho, As part of a new campaign to get “girl-approved hair”, Axe has revamped their current haircare line for men. With 6 shampoos and 4 different styling products, Axe has a scent and product type to every head. That is all I am going to say, I will Steven take it from here.

Wow, those complicated statistics they give on the new Axe Hair products seem to be more than just gibberish. Axe Hair Intensify is a product that produces a strange, but magical effect both on the ladies, and on my hair. The shampoo/scrub not only does its job to clean, but it also makes you smell irresistible. These magical effects also extend to adding both volume and texture, to my otherwise thin, flat hair. It gives that extra kick that 74% of girls do actually notice. I know, because I counted.

Before KraseyBeauty (my loving aunt) gave me Axe Hair, I always felt my hair was just thin and long. I was just another pretty face, with dull hair. Afterward, I had that surfer-boy look that I’ve always wanted. My girlfriend obviously liked it too, as I noticed that she couldn’t keep her hands off my head. The product smells awesome, so that is a bonus right there.

The “shaggy look” cream compliments and enhances the shampoo. My only complaint is that it was difficult to figure out exactly how much to use at first. After a few tries you should master how much you need and how it should best be applied to your hair. If you’re experienced with other hair products such as wax then you should have no problem.

And there you have it, my nephew’s review of a couple of items from the new AXE line. Steven and his girlfriend agree, Axe definitely helps you achieve “girl-approved hair”.

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