It’s not Special FX- Cover FX Gives You a Flawless Face

Sometimes, I feel like I need the aid of some special effects to cover up my habit of not getting enough sleep. My busy way of life is not exactly conducive towards looking bright eyed and bushy tailed on the regular.

Ideally, I want to go from this:

To This: (Milla Jovovich ftw)

In order to get past the dreaded zombie girl system, I call in the aid of the big guns from Cover FX, THE company that specializes in corrective cosmetics.

Up for your reading and viewing pleasure are the Skin FX Treatment and Priming Serum, Camouflage Concealer, and Total Coverage Cream Foundation.

Cover FX’s 3 step coverage literally has me going from raggedy to flawless in no time flat. I highly recommend it for those of you who have a bit to hide.

The whole line is conveniently available for viewing here. To purchase, just hop on over to the Nordstrom or Sephora websites.

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