Make Up For Ever- Pure Pigments and Aquarelles

Today’s post will feature 2 newish products that have recently popped up on the Sephora Make Up For Ever portal, but have been available for quite a while at the stand alone boutique

Pure Pigments:

Pure pigments first caught my eye during a recent trip to the Make Up For Ever boutique. Promising pure matte color in a gorgeous array of primary colors, the pure pigments remind me of my beloved matte pigments from MAC Pro. They are insanely rich and pigmented, providing full-on, intensely opaque, matte color. I think I need a few more of these. 😉

It deserves to be mentioned that some shades tend to be more stable than others and, thus apply, and adhere better to the skin. Out of the 3 I got, the green was the biggest pain to work with.

Tip: Mattes shadows/pigments do not play well with matte/dry eyeshadow bases. I recommend a neutral cream base such as Butternuty Shadestick or Bare Study Paint Pot.

Left to Right: 18, 4, 14


Going to the Make Up For Ever boutique is often an overwhelming experience since there is just so much greatness in such a small space. With that in mind, I always make sure to check both the Sephora Make Up For Ever portal and the Make Up For Ever website for a preliminary wishlist before going to the actual boutique.That is how the Aquarelles appeared on my wishlist, and eventually in my traincase. They were in the just arrived section on

Anywho, Make Up For Ever Aquarelle is a liquid body paint that is meant to be used for drawing fine details on the face and body. Being the daredevil that I am, I opted to purchase these solely for use as eyeliner and as eyeshadow base even though they aren’t technically indicated as eye safe. The colors are gorgeous, and most shades contain very fine sparkles. I love how these look under metallic shadows! I also recommend layering to get the desired effect.

I picked up gold and turquoise, and am happy to say that I may be picking some more up very soon.

Tip: If you do decide to go for these, be sure to shake them well as the thicker parts tend to settle on the bottom. I like to tip the bottle upside down and use whatever is on the inside of the cap.

L-R Gold, Turquoise.

And there you all have it, 2 brand new Make Up For Ever products to play with. Stay tuned for more MUFE goodness coming your way!

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