Budget Friendly Beauty- Revlon Artificial Nails

I have a confession to make. I indulge in weekly spa manicures. In Manhattan, that is quite a pretty penny I spend on manicure services, polishes, and proper nail upkeep products. Did I mention it is also time consuming, and that I am not a very patient gal? I put up with the inconveniences because I am convinced that nothing looks better than a trendy polish on a freshly manicured hand, but gosh, sometimes I just lack time and funds for a proper manicure. If you see my sleeves pulled down or my hands in my pockets, chances are I am hiding my chipped fingers in shame. This has me looking to fake it when I am having one of ‘those weeks’.

For a long time, artificial nails have gotten a bad wrap. Fake nails of the 80s and 90’s oftentimes looked tacky, cheesy, and straight-up stupid. I am not lying when I say that in the past I would have been the first person to tell you that press-on nails look ridiculous. Images of plastic talons with Technicolor designs and boxy shapes come to mind. Filed under beauty faux pas, artificial nails fell off my radar for years and years.


Fast forward to present day. As previously mentioned, I fork over big bucks and lots of time to keep my nails looking pretty. Sometimes, I just wish that there was a quick fix solution that would actually look good and not break the bank. I am happy to report that Revlon is slowly convincing me that yes, press on nails aren’t that bad after all. In fact, fake nails can actually look cute.

A stylish alternative and half the cost of a manicure, Revlon’s Runway Collection line is not only cute, but they look natural. They come in amazing colors and styles, and last for a very long time.

Witness my Revlon faux mani.

I am rather impressed with the results, and will now happily use these when I just can’t get to the salon or can’t justify forking over the money.

How do you all feel about faux nails. Yay or nay?

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