Beauty Want Its- Sleek Cosmetics

I am not one for budget beauty, at all. Now that you all know that, I will say that the tides of change might be on the horizon. Another UK brand has recently fallen under my radar, and it happens to be a budget beauty find (insert collective gasp here).

Thanks to many of my UK beauty blogging bunnies, I am seriously wanting to snag myself some Sleek Makeup. Sleek is a brand that sells in most UK Superdrug stores, but hasn’t yet made its debut on our side of the pond; a fact that has me very, very upset. According to the website, a direct shipping feature will be available at some point, but I am not exactly known for my patience and I want to try it now!

Anyway, here are the items that have caught my eye in particular:

– Eyeliner Ink Pots- Pink and yellow gel eyeliners? Sign me up!

Illamasqua, Barry M, and now Sleek. Considering the fact that all of my lingerie comes from London too, and I would say a relocation is in order pronto.

Has anyone tried Sleek? Is it worth the hype? Do share!

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