Makeup Essentials- Face Brushes

Welcome to my first installment of Makeup essentials, where I will spotlight items that I deem essential to each and every one’s collection.

Today’s Focus will be brushes for the face:

Foundation Brush- Essential to applying liquid foundation, the foundation brush is made from synthetic fibers and is somewhat stiff and densely packed. The head is flat and curved to get into the contours of the face

I recommend the MAC 187 for buffing in your foundation once you have used the general foundation brush to apply. The 187 will result in a seemless airbrushed like appearance

Blush Brush

This comes in 2 versions, angled and curved. A medium size round head brush is best for applying pops of color to the apples of the cheeks. For a contouring effect, go with an angled natural hair brush like the MAC 168

Sculpting Brush

Sculpting Brushes are great for contouring and highlighting. I recommend MAC 138 and the Nars ITA brush especially. Granted, contouring is not essential for day-to-day applications, but for a polished look nothing else comes close. Looking to slim the face? Look no further than these brushes.

Kabuki/Bronzer Brush- The Kabuki brush is essentially a finishing brush. I use mine to blend colors on my cheeks into one another, and the end results are always exceptional. Usually made of natural hair and identifiable by their stubby handles, the kabuki brush is ideal for blending powders into the face and body.

Here is the Grand Poobah of all Kabukis, meet the Nars Botan, he is heavenly! Made of natural goat hair, this brush feels amazing on the skin!


Fan Brush- Great for sweeping highlighter shades on the cheeks. Also great for applying heavily pigmented blushes (NARS, I am talking to you!)

Powder Brushes- I love these for applying my bronzer all over the face, but they are also fantastic for loose foundation powders, finishing powders, and HD powders.

Well, there you have it. My handy dandy guide to brushes. Have a question? Comment/Email boxes are open 🙂

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