Swimsuits, Not Always Difficult

So, I have a confession to make…

You know how women come to dread bathing season because it means bathing suit shopping? Well imagine having a thin and petite frame with two big balloons on top. Yep, thats the figure that I was blessed with. You can thank my mother for the balloon analogy, it was her comment, I swear!

Don’t get me wrong, I am fortunate to have curves that others pay for, but sometimes my proportions do more harm than good. It is my unique shape that makes finding the perfect swimwear a pain in the arse (or chest in this case). Get an xs and the waist is perfect while the top is way too small. Go for the xl and the top coverage is somewhat adequate but obviously I am swimming (pun intended) in a way too huge suit everywhere else. I know, cleavage in a suit is great, but not when 3/4 of your chest is peaking out of 2 teeny strips of lycra. We are talking more than nip slip here. Bra- sized seperates don’t cut it, and not everyone falls into the 32A-38DD range. I am smaller than a 30, and much bigger than a DD. Clearly, there is a problem…

However, I am pleased to report that I have found the solution! For those of you that find yourselves in my predicament (teeny body, but large bust), read on. Or, for those of you not in my predicament but want to follow along anyway, by all means join me on my journey into figure flattering swimwear.

Meet the Freya Swimsuit. She is sleek and feminine. She comes in separates so you can customize the sizes of your tops and bottoms, and… SHE COMES IN BRA SIZES! As small as a 30D (ok, so D is relatively big in the avg population, but Im way beyond that so for me its small) and as big as 38HH (yes, that size exists).

Big hooray for someone with my odd proportions.

And how cute are these suits?! Functional and hot!

So, help me pick out my next suit!? I can’t decide!!!

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