Building Your Own Make Up For Ever Collection

Quite a few of you have presented an interest in starting up your very own Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow collections. I don’t blame all of you, Make Up For Ever takes the cake in both finish and pigmentation in their amazing array of eyeshadows.

For a refresher, check out my swatches and review: MUFE!

When asked to pick my top 5, my eyes well up at the prospect of excluding any single one of my beloved shadows. However, for the love of all that is makeup; I will force myself to break down top 3 colors by color family.

Neutrals: When you aren’t feeling all that adventurous, reach for these soft shades
*59- Camel colored, for those days you want your shadow to match your ride in the desert.
*125- Hands down my favorite highlighting shade. An irridescent pinky beige
*122- A gorgeous copper brown

Purples: This is the one that is surely the most difficult for me, I ADORE purple eyeshadow and will not rest until I own EACH and EVERY purple shadow MUFE makes
*92- BRIGHT purple, ridiculously gorgeous

*9- Lavender, bright and how!

*160- That perfect shade of smoky eggplant, love it in the crease!

Pinks/Reds: When you are feeling girly and bold, these shadows rock!
*58- All raspberry, no cream
*67- Dark rosey red, when you want to go red but not really
*75- Malibu barbie pink, awesome as a blush too

*171- A shimmering chartreuse
*91- A matte kelly green that would make kermit jealous
*123- This shimmering khaki green isn’t just for the Army folks!

*72- Vibrant turquoise that would make the ocean foam in envy
*83- Just like 72, only with a kicked up shimmer and a tad more green
*159- Matte deep blue, brighter than navy

Yellows/Oranges: These colors are HOT

*5- My love for this matte coral is unrelenting. It is 92’s long lost lover.

*2- A matte bright yellow, for all your matte bright yellow needs 😉

*10- Lemon yellow, sparkles like the sun

In case any of you are interested, I also have a video up on youtube where you can see me blabber on for 10 minutes. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, click on the video below. Don’t mind the funny faces either 😉

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