Women’s Health 2nd Annual Beauty Spa Event @ Soho House

On Thursday, March 18th; Women’s Health Magazine held its Second Annual Beauty Spa Event at the Soho House

The well known magazine was celebrating its very first Beauty Flip Issue.

Here it is:
First its all Women’s Health
Flip it over, and its all about beauty!

This event was all about skincare, something I am always eager to learn more about.

Jackie with Boots Skincare was on hand to offer skincare consultations. As I sat in that chair, I knew I was in trouble because my skincare regime is less than impeccable. Jackie was an absolute sweetheart and I was quickly put at ease. After we finished gushing over our mutual love of Philosophy body washes, (which smell so good you can eat them up); our conversation went a little something like this:
J: Okay Adina, so whats your skincare routine
Me: Umm… skincare routine… I… don’t have one?
J: Well, what are you using now?
Me: Cleansing Oil every evening, Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliator once in a blue moon, and Armani’s Crema Nera moisturizer when I feel like it… Did I mention I suck at skincare?
J: …

I kid, I kid. I make no secret of the fact that I am awful with skincare. Most of the time I just can’t be bothered. While genetics has blessed me with good skin; (Jackie said so and I breathed a sigh of relief!) I was told that it is never too early to start preventing wrinkles.
Jackie recommended Boots Vanishing Day Cream, a cream designed to be used daily under makeup to improve the skin’s appearance and prevent wrinkles.

Because looking like a California Raisin just isn’t all that hot

You can find Boots Skincare at Target, or online at Target.com

Jackie sent me off with a couple of preventative skincare tips and I felt I left the consultation hot seat a little bit wiser.

After my consultation, it was off to my next conquest. As I scanned the perimeter, my beauty spidey senses went off, and I made a beeline to the display table showcasing the future of beauty. I will go more in depth about the contents within soon, but here is a sneak peak:
I spy lots of cool new things!

While oohing and ahhing over the fantastic array (which included a DIY Laser Treatment system!), I was approached by the very lovely and ultra sweet Alexis Farrah, the magazine’s Assistant Beauty Editor. We went through the products and Alexis was kind enough to point out the highlights of each one.
Chatting with Alexis was like catching up with an old friend, and we talked about everything from the most recent technological advancements in beauty technology to our shared beauty banes (helloooo jew fro).
Thats actually the back of Alexa, and I am behind her.

All in all I found the event to be very educational, and I can’t wait to share my findings with you!

Be sure to grab your issue of Women’s Health for April’s Beauty Flip, available on newsstands now!
I’m diggin’ mine for sure and will discuss the contents within for the next couple of days so keep an eye out!!

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