MAC Grand Duos Swatches and Review

So MAC has released a new set of mineral blushes, presented in duos. One side is a melange, while the other is solid color. I must say, MAC has upped the ante on pigmentation of these as there is plenty of color in a single swipe.

The color offerings:
Moon River- Blue pink melange with yellow pink solid
Grand Duo- Copper Pink Melange with Plum
Earth to Earth- Purple bronze melange with yellow brown solid
Love Rock- Gold violet melange with bright blue based pink solid
Hot Planet- Coppery Yellow Melange with a midtone plum solid side
Intenso- Pink gold melange with terracotta rose solid side
Light Over Dark- Orange yellow melange with deep brown solid

My general thoughts: I could not bring myself to get excited about these blushes unfortunately. I found these blushes to be way too shimmery and glittery, and swiping my brush across the top led to lots of loose glittery powder getting all over the place. I definitely prefer my blushes matte or if they do have a shimmer, for that to be very slight. I prefer subtle dewy glow to disco inferno any day of the week.

All in all, these are a pass for me!

Here are the swatches on my nw20 self. Unfortunately Light Over Dark and Intenso were M.I.A
So what do you all think? Are you on board or is this a pass?

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