Birthday Wishlist

My weekly lemmings post will be taking a brief hiatus on account of the fact that my birthday is coming. 24 on March 28th, woot! This girl is getting oooold!

Anyway, what is a birthday if not an excuse to delegate makeup lemming purchases to those you love 😉

Here is what is on my list this year:
Mehron Paradise Makeup Aq
Hot Tools Curling Iron

Gift Certs for Sephora and cash for Nars & MUFE

Marc Jacobs Aviator Frames
Oh, and all this:

I also need to remember what my Nars artist used on my face. It was this awesome pressed powder that made my skin look awwwwesome.

Now there is much more on my list, but I am afraid if I put it all here you will throw rotten cyber tomatoes at me. LOL.

Well, that is all.

Will all my fellow March babies please stand up? Whats on your lists? 😉

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