Winter Weather Fashion Woes

Because winter is no excuse not to look cute, I figured I would create a post dedicated to staying stylish in sub zero temperatures.

Now I am the first to admit that I am quite tempted to dress the frump, forsaking style for warmth and comfort. What can I say- I’m a big baby who hates the winter, hates the cold, and hates all the inconveniences that come with frigid NYC Winter weather. Unfortunately, hiding under my warm covers until winter goes away is not an option. Neither is donning an adult snowsuit 24/7.

Here are a couple of items that keep me warm and stylin’

Hats: Because 10 percent of our body heat leaves the head, why give the cold a chance to assault our noggins. While they come in many shapes and sizes, my style of choice is the newsboy/military cap. The below pic is me rocking my boyfriends Eskimo hat. Isn’t it cute? 😉

Arctic 180’s- Forget bulky earmuffs of the past. Arctic 180’s are earmuffs that wrap around the back of the head and trap heat so that your ears stay toasty warm. All without the bulk.

A Classic Coat- Because I am not a fan of bulky puffers, I opt for a classic black number with an updated bell sleeve and asymmetrical front.

A Cute Pair of Boots- Winter is the perfect excuse to rock a great pair of knee boots. Fortunately, low heel options are in abundance.

Turtlenecks: Because I live in them during the winter. I literally have every color/material and pattern imaginable. You won’t win a cleavage contest, but you gain points for form fitting warmth and comfort.

And there you have it, winter weather wear. Now what are you waiting for- go grab yours while its still on sale! 😉

Here are some great links for my personal favorites:,3&y=7&i=56

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