Smashbox Halo Glow Color Boosting Powder

Oh Smashbox Halo Glow how do I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Seriously, my love for this product knows no end and with that in mind let me introduce you to the most amazing bronzer… ever

It is no secret that Snow White ain’t got nothin’ on my milky whiteness. It is true that when I am au naturale my skin is as white as snow. So, what is a pale girl like me to do?
Options Include:
A. Color inside the lines with permanent marker
B. Slather myself in butter and bake in a tanning bed
C. Use self tanner in day-glo orange
D. Use bronzer as part of a well balanced makeup routine

So I think D is clearly the winner here folks. Only problem (and I am sure I am not the only one) is to find a bronzer that doesn’t turn me into an orange or a discoball. The oompa loompa look just isn’t cute

Fortunately, trial and error and lots of experimentation has led me to the ultimate bronzer:

Say Hello to my little friend, isn’t she cute?

All in all, I highly recommend this bronzer for all you ladies looking for that natural sunkissed glow. What are you all waiting for, try it and see for yourselves 😉

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