Hello Kitty Part 2

After Tuesday’s kitty cavalcade, I made a point of getting to my MAC freestanding store to further investigate the Hello Kitty collection. In the name of science; I swatched a few of the items from this collection that I was indecisive about and here I am to tell of them. Roving reporter reporting for duty 😉

These are the items I tested and my thoughts:

Fashion Mews- Being a lustre, you have to pack this one on a bit. However, once applied it reminds me a lot of snob, but with a light lilac cast to it. This is tied for the spot of my favorite lipstick in this collection.

Strayin- I love this color. Its a very wearable medium/bright pink with great pigmentation and not at all scary looking. I loved that I didn’t have to pile this one on!

A lot of people have brought up concerns about the beauty powder blushes and how they appear on. Many were worried that Tippy is too bright and Fun and Games is too Orange. I myself had made these assumptions upon first inspection but can happily report that this isn’t the case!

I would like to strike from the records the comment I made about Fun and Games being too orange because it isn’t. Once on my skin it was a peachy apricot, quite lovely on my nw15/20 self 🙂

Tippy is a bright blue based pink. It gives your cheeks that just pinched flush, and can be worn from any degree of sheer to heavy.

Out of the 2 I actually ended up liking Fun & Games more, although I got them both! They are so beautiful with the beauty powders on top!

In the pic I have Tippy on the left and Fun & Games on the right

Lucky Tom rocks and that is all I will say about that! And the deep blue green pigment on the lid + milk in the crease is the hottest smokey eye ever. Girl groove liner in the mix makes this too hot to handle!

Still not enamored with the lipglasses so I left those alone. While the reformulation feels great, they are just too sheer for me.

As an added bonus, here are some comparison shots between fashion mews and lavender whip from creamsheen

Lavender whip on top fashion mews on the bottom

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